Games and Greetings to Use During Morning Meeting

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The first day of kindergarten can be scary, but there are ways that teachers can make the first day of school fun and informative at the same time. The first time students will meet their teacher is at open house. Go through the list of students you will have and make a special card for each student to make them feel welcome in class. On the first day of school, place a brightly colored name tag on a table or desk with their name on it. Gather all of the children in a circle and sing a song that lets each child tell their name. The song can be to the tune of a favorite nursery rhyme, or you can make up your own song. Another way to get everyone acquainted with each other is by having two children sit in front of the circle. One child will have a list of everyone-s names, and the other will have a box of small objects. When a student-s name is called, the child with the objects will give that student something. After everyone has an item, take turns passing them back to the front of the circle. Do this every day with two different students in the front of the circle.More info here: Nursery Rhymes for Children

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