Teaching Elementary Students How to Study

Encouraging children to study can be a difficult task. Sometimes homework and studying can be a negative idea and immediately turns the child away. To help students not only learn, but desire to study, teachers and parents can refer to the ideas listed below.These are just some of the things you and your student can do to help improve study habits. Good luck!

Always keep homework and studying positive! Try not to be frustrated or upset when helping your student.

Never use it to discipline or threaten, help provoke the idea that studying is an accomplishment and helpful tool. Always celebrate with a child when they complete their homework.

Provide continuous support.

If a student is having trouble concentrating in a particular place, or even time, try a different setting. Some students may like peace and quiet while studying and others may want a mentor near by in case they have questions or concerns.

Remember all students learn things differently.

Encourage students to study in groups and to ask lots of questions to receive input from peers.

Set aside one on one time and have them ask you questions. Ask lots of questions in return to ensure the best education.