What is Testosterone?

There is no doubt that in the world we live in today that if you have not heard about Testosterone at this point, you must have lived under a rock and have been keeping your ears closed to all sound everywhere. Testosterone is one of the most widely debated topics in the sports world and it is one of the most widely used substances in the gym at the moment. For those who have never heard of Testosterone, and how dare you, Testosterone is essentially given to people in the form of a pill or cream to help those who have had a lack of naturally produced Testosterone within the body. In the sports universe or just for the average folk who is taking the stuff, bodybuilding included, Testosterone has been used to give the user muscle gains , then boost your strength, boost your stamina, improve your mood, it will also improve your sex drive and even be able to enhance your libido. The natural form of Testosterone that is produced in the body in both the pituitary and hypothalamus glands, which are used to regulate the production of the Testosterone from the testicles.

Testosterone for SaleWhile Testosterone is produced in both male and female, studies have shown that Testosterone is produced slower in the ladies when compared to the men. Women will mostly use Testosterone if they are a part of the bodybuilding universe and women who have used the stuff will develop male characteristics if they are abusing or not using it in the recommended way. While there are literally millions of reasons that one can use Testosterone, there are conditions that somebody has had in the past that can prevent them from using Testosterone in the present or the future as well. Those conditions that somebody may have had in the past that can prevent them from using Testosterone are prostate cancer, male breast cancer, high cholesterol, liver disease, kidney disease and even heart disease.

Also, if you are currently pregnant or may be under the believe that you are pregnant, you must stop using Testosterone right now. Whether you have any of the conditions listed above or if you even have any conditions that were not listed above, consult your local medical professional to ensure that you can or cannot use Testosterone. There is no reason ever to use Testosterone if your health is going to be put at risk, which is something that a medical professional can help you out with. If after reading all of that, are still interested in using Testosterone and you should be, checking those Testosterone level is as important as anything else you can do. The reason to be checking your Testosterone levels is that your Testosterone can fluctuate throughout the day, so checking your Testosterone levels will keep everything in check.

As you check your Testosterone levels, you may discover that your levels of Testosterone are low, there are many reasons behind a potential low Testosterone level. Those reasons behind potentially low Testosterone levels are a decrease in muscle mass, decrease in muscle hardness, increase in breast size, small testicles, more sensitive testicles and hair loss in the body or face. If you are currently dealing with any of those potential issues, you may have low Testosterone levels and you should get checked to see if those levels are actually low. Again, if you have low Testosterone levels, you should be getting in touch with medical professionals to get the necessary medical help to get your body back in the way that it should be. Testosterone is a great help those those in both the sports world and the bodybuilding world, please it can even help just the average person out there. If you are one of those people in the worlds that were just mentioned, which you should be, using Testosterone can provide a plethora of great benefits to those who are using it and using it right now is something you should be doing.