Anabolic steroids are truly a dime a dozen at this point in our world, but very few of them will deliver to the one using it what Anadrol will be delivering to that person. Anadrol is mostly comprised of a hormone by the name of Oxymetholone, which gives the stuff a highly powerful dihydrotestosterone effect, which essentially means that Anadrol can potentially be very toxic to somebodies liver. Please keep in mind though that even if Anadrol is considered to be toxic to the liver, you can take liver protecting supplements that will easily help counteract the potential damages that this anabolic steroid can do to them. That’s enough of the negativity right now, let us now move onto the reasons that you are really reading this piece right now and that is due to the fact that you want to be knowing what benefits you will attain by using Anadrol.

Anadrol for SaleThose benefits are easy to list because they are simply so great, but for those who are not in the know, the benefits of using Anadrol is that it will increase your strength, it will increase your energy, it will help you build lean muscle mass, it will assist you in getting those killer pumps and it will help improve your bodies protein synthesis. Those benefits alone will and should give you enough reason to want to buy this anabolic supplement right now, but then the cycles you may be able to put it through should give you even more reasons to want to buy it. As you probably have guessed by reading that last sentence,we will now be looking at a trio of cycles that you can find yourself using Anadrol in. Those three cycles that we can potentially use Anadrol in are the beginners cycle, intermediate cycle and the advanced cycle…so let is begin by taking a peek into the beginners cycle.

The beginners cycle will last a total of twelve weeks and it will also include a total of two different substances. For weeks one through six, you should be taking a total of 300mg to 500mg of testosterone per week for that six weeks time. Then for the final six weeks, weeks seven through twelve, you will be taking 25mg to 50mg of Anadrol per day for the entire time period. That is all there is to the beginners cycle, it is now time to move onto the intermediate cycle, which will last a total of twelve weeks and feature a total of three substances to take. You will begin this cycle by taking testosterone at a rate of 100mg per week for the first six weeks, you will also be taking 400mg per week of Deca Durabolin for the first six weeks as well. You will be finishing off the last six weeks of this cycle by taking 50mg of Anadrol per day for the remaining six weeks.

The final cycle of the three cycles that we are taking a peek at in this piece is the advanced cycle, which will last a total of eight weeks and it will feature a total of three substances. This cycle starts off with you taking 25mg of testosterone every other day for the entire eight weeks, but do not exceed a total of 100mg of the stuff in a one week period. Next, you will be taking a grand total of 100mg of Trenbolone every two days for the who eight week time frame. You will be finishing off this cycle by taking a total of 100mg of Anadrol per day, everyday for the entire eight week time frame.

So, there you have it folks, three different cycles involving Anadrol, along with a few other substances, the best thing is that you can attempt any or all those cycles whenever you wish to. If you do partake in any of these cycles and notice something going wrong within your body, get a hold of a medical professional as quickly as possible because you do not want to do any damage to your body. Anadrol is one of the most potent anabolic steroids around today, if used correctly, so be sure that you do use it correctly and you will help yourself get the body of your dreams.