Is HGH A Steroid

The two most talked about substances you will encounter when hitting the gym or are participating in a sports league are usually anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. One of the biggest questions that usually surround the two items is this…is HGH considered a steroid in any way? There is a truly simple answer to this long asked question and that truly simple answer is a resounding no. The answer is no because a steroid would be more focused on giving the user the perfect bodybuilder like body, as HGH is geared more towards giving the user a healthier and even sexier body. Essentially it is a strength versus looks scenario in that steroids will give you more strength as HGH will help you look better at any age. Now that we have answered that question is a quick and truly simple manner, let us now move away from anabolic steroids and turn more of our focus towards HGH.

HGH for SaleTo start off our journey with human growth hormone, lets us take a precise look at what exactly this high discussed product is all about. HGH is similar to testosterone in that it can also be produced naturally within a persons body, also it will promote development and growth within the body by supporting bone development from a persons birth throughout adulthood. It is now that time we move onto what exactly HGH is and move onto something that do have in common with steroids, that common thing is known as side effects. To make things a little simpler, we will be breaking down the side effects of human growth hormone into two sections, those two sections are side effects for men and side effects for women. We will be starting off with the side effects for the men out there who use HGH and there will be a total of five side effects we will be taking a quick look at.

The five major side effects men could experience while using HGH is painful or difficulty while urinating, swelling or shrinking of the testicles, gynecomastia, reduced sperm counts and even erectile dysfunction that can lead to impotence. Those are the five major side effects that men may potentially experience while using HGH, let us now take a quick look at the four side effects that women can experience while on HGH. Those four side effects women can experience while using HGH is deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, a change in menstrual cycles and even breast reduction. Now that we have taken a look at the separate side effects that men and women can experience while using HGH, let us now state that while there are a few side effects out there concerning HGH, it is a truly small list when compared to steroids or other supplements.

One of the most stunning things that HGH, steroids and even those who use hardcore drugs is that they can become abused. The consequences of those people out there who are abusing HGH are not limited to weakening of the persons muscles and even some damage to the heart. In order to combat the possible abuse of HGH, make sure that you only take the recommended dosage of the stuff and to go through the proper cycles while using HGH. Another thing to remember is that if you think you are abusing HGH or even dealing with some of the side effects we discussed earlier, get in touch with a medical professional to get any necessary help that you are in need of.

When it comes to purchasing HGH, you first will want to check with local laws to ensure what you can and cannot do in response to using or purchasing HGH. However, if everything is fine and dandy for purchasing or using steroids, you can either get a medical professional script to get some at a local pharmacy or you can purchase it for yourself over the counter. HGH is one of the most talked about supplements on the market today and after reading everything listed above, you are now ready to be handling whatever human growth hormone can be throwing at you, because there is nothing else like it.