If you are a gym rat or somebody part of the sports universe, you have no doubt heard about something known as human growth hormone or maybe its better known name…HGH. Experts in the field of steroids or other like substances consider HGH to be the single most sought after hormone throughout the entire world today. This is something that is not exclusive to the sports world either, because even folks within the acting community have been known to seek out and use HGH as well. As you can probably tell by reading the first few sentences above, HGH is a highly sought after and widely popular supplement in the world today, but one question must be asked and that question is…what exactly is HGH anyway?

HGH for SalePrior to actually answering the question in full, it should be stated that HGH is not a steroid in any shape, way or form. Although, to be fair, with the amount of times it has been referenced within the sports world, one can possibly confuse it for one when you truly think about it. HGH itself is actually considered to be a part of the hormone classification, much like testosterone and estrogen. HGH is being sought out by people from all parts of the world because HGH has been proven to give those people a more youthful appearance, performance enhancement, huge boosts of energy and even some muscle growth within the body itself. The human body itself will actually produce its own HGH through the pituitary gland, this is true for animals to, so HGH is not something that is exclusive to just the humans of this world. The reason behind the explosion in usage among the bodybuilding universe is due to the fact that it will increase the amount and even size of the skeletal muscle cells.

The way that it gives folks the more youthful appearance is that HGH will fully stimulate connective tissue growth and that is exactly what will make a person achieve that more youthful look. HGH was initially created some time in the fifties and it actually was first used after it was taken from human cadavers, or dead humans to be more exact. It would take three decades of study and usage, but the Federal Drug Administration or FDA for short, would eventually ban the substance in the mid-eighties. Since that banning, various folks in the medical field have worked hard to turn things around for HGH to make it safe to use with little to no medical ramifications. It would take a lot of work by medical professionals in a Swedish laboratory to create the worlds first pure and synthetic version of HGH, which was called Somatropin.

Although HGH is relatively safe for somebody to be using, athlete or not, there are some side effects people do experience if they are using the stuff in a manner that is not advised. Those side effects are that a person would get water retention around the ankles and waists, joint pain that will most likely decrease over time, headaches, flu like symptoms that will decrease over time, carpal tunnel syndrome due to fluid retention, hypothyroidism, nausea, dizziness and numbness of the skin. That is a potentially huge list of potential side effects, but remember that the majority of these effects will either decrease over time or only happen if somebody uses HGH in a way that is not recommended. Before we run out of time at our interesting look at HGH, let us take a look at some other supplements or even anabolic steroids that can be stacked with HGH.

The other kinds of supplements that HGH can be stacked with is actually a short list that includes testosterone, Primobolan depot, Anavar, Deca Durabolin and even Trenbolone. HGH can actually be combined with many more versions of anabolic steroids, but the versions of anabolic steroids listed above were the most popular to stack with HGH. So there you have it folks, HGH is one of the most fascinating things in the world right now, not just because of what it can do to folks, but the actual history of the stuff as well and if you are using HGH yourself…you now have the perfect guide in front of you.