Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

It is impossible to be somebody who hits the gym or even a bodybuilder nowadays without at least hearing something about testosterone. Claims about testosterone can range from it helping you burning fat to even making your penis a lot bigger. Some myths about testosterone can be found to be true and other myths about testosterone have been found to be false, we will be exploring some of these myths today to see which ones are false as well as which ones are true. However, before we play the game of true or false, let us take a look at stuff we already know is true about what testosterone can do for you. It has been shown already that testosterone can produce huge muscle gains, boost your strength, boost your stamina, improve your mood, improve your sex drive and even enhance your libido amongst other things. Now that we have taken a look at some of the proven benefits of using testosterone, let us start taking a look at some of the myths surrounding testosterone.

Testosterone for SaleTests have shown that using testosterone can increase the muscle size of the person who is using it, but there is a hitch to this suggested growth. That hitch is that testosterone will only be promoting muscle growth when it is part of stack that includes anabolic steroids amongst other things. So if it is used alone, testosterone will not do much at all to promote muscle growth and if it is used as part of a stack, you will be seeing a promotion in your muscle growth. The final testosterone myth is on our plate right now and that final myth is whether or not you can possibly use to much testosterone.

We will now be moving onto the second potential myth on our list today and that is whether or not testosterone makes your penis bigger. Previous tests have shown that men who have been injected with steroids have seen a small increase in penis size. However, the tests that showed growth in the penis were men of a younger age, not of an older age. Essentially, if you are a younger man who is injected with testosterone, you will be experiencing some growth, while the older folks have shown no increase in size. So, unless you are a younger male getting injected with the stuff, you will not be seeing an increased penis size with testosterone. We are nearing the end of our myth busting journey and the third myth we are going to be looking at is whether or not testosterone can promote muscle growth.

The myths that we will be taking a look at in this piece are whether or not testosterone burns fat, whether or not testosterone actually makes your penis bigger, whether or not testosterone promotes muscle growth and whether or not a person can have to much testosterone. Let us tackle potential myth number one now and that first myth is whether or not testosterone burns fat. Tests have been done with a variety of men being injected with testosterone and the results showed that a majority of the men experienced minor weight loss. However, one gripe against the test is that when the men were shot with testosterone boosters, they already had low levels of testosterone. So while some tests have shown some results, not enough has been done to show that one can conclusively lose weight while using testosterone.

There is a truly simple answer to this question and it is a stunning answer as we begin to take a deeper look at it, that answer is a very simple yes. You can easily overuse testosterone because there are so many side effects that can happen to those who overdue it with the stuff. Those possible side effects include breast enlargement, oily skin, acne, prostate swelling, sleep apnea, smaller testicle size, smaller sperm size and increased production of the red blood cells. There you have it folks, we took a truly good look at four myths about testosterone and testosterone boosters. Hopefully by reading this piece, you have cleared up a lot of misconceptions in your mind about testosterone before you make a decision about using it.