Are Steroids Addictive

There has been a huge stigma surrounding steroids over the past few decades and that stigma has to do with the thought that steroids are a truly addictive substance for those who are using it. This piece you are reading here will take a look at some of the common misconceptions about steroids and whether or not they are truly addictive. One thing to keep in mind about steroids is that if you use them in the properly indicated way, you will be fine, because studies involving steroids in the past have proven that those who are usually addicted to them have dealt with other forms of addiction throughout their lives before steroids even came into play. With all of that being said, let us dive into different ways steroids can be used and how they can or cannot be addictive to those who are using them.

The first thing we will be taking a look at here is how to use steroids in a cycle, which is the method in which steroids are being used only for periods or time before not being used for another period of time. The reason that somebody would cycle off of the steroids is to allow their body to return to normal, because depending on which steroids somebody takes, it could affect the bodies natural hormone levels. If there is somebody who refuses to cycle off of the steroids and uses them without any form of cycling at all, then they may be an abuser and should get some help immediately. There is a bunch of really good reasons that somebody who is not going through the proper cycles should seek or get help, we shall explore those next.

Let’s now take a look at those adverse effects and lets start off with the fact that if somebody does not cycle off the steroids correctly, they may have the potential to build a tolerance to a particular steroid or steroids. If you are a male and you refuse to go through the proper cycling procedures, then you will run a truly high risk of never being able to produce testosterone in your body naturally anymore. If that potential situation arises, you may have to deal with a testosterone replacement therapy program that may run your entire life, depending on how severe the effects could be. Other effects that one can suffer from if they do not go through the proper cycling procedures can be violent mood swings, a difficult time sleeping, a real lack of appetite, restlessness and even fatigue throughout the day. Simply put here folks, if you are someone who is either unsure of proper cycling procedures or just plain doesn’t care at all, you are going to be doing a lot more harm than good to yourself.

We all know that the potential abuse of steroids can cause a lot of damage to your body as we have listed above, but now it is time to look into what they can do to you mind or better yet…the psychological effects or abusing steroids. If you are somebody who is abusing or addicted to steroids, your mind will truly suffer because taking to many steroids will cause a dopamine blocking in your mind. A dopamine blocking will cause a severe drop in motor skills, which means your mind and body will be out of sync when trying to complete even the most simple of tasks. Also, if you are addicted to steroids and are not getting the help you want, your serotonin levels will drop as well, which affects your happiness levels and can lead to depression.

Here is the long and the short of it for you folks out there, if you feel that you are either addicted to steroids or becoming addicted to steroids, seek all forms of medical assistance as quickly as you possibly can, especially before it becomes to late. However, as we have discussed in the beginning of this piece, it is truly hard to become a steroid addict because studies have proven before that only those who were previously addicts of other substances are truly in danger of becoming steroid addicts. So, if you take the steroids responsibly and cycle properly, the only thing you will have to worry about is looking way to good.