Andriol Side Effects

It has been well established throughout the bodybuilding community that Andriol is one of the best steroids on the marketplace today. That is with good reason because Andriol will help the user increase their strength, increase their energy, build some lean muscle mass, get those killer pumps and it will improve your protein synthesis. However, with all of the good that this magnificent item does provide to those who are using it, there are some potentially harmful side effects that can occur as well. That is what this piece will be taking a look at today, but besides the side effects, we will also be look at ways you can become an abuser of this fine product as well. So, with all of that being said, let us first take a look at how somebody can be abusing this fine steroid product.

Anadrol for SaleAndriol, much like other anabolic steroid supplements on the market today, can be abused if the person taking it does so in a way that is not recommended. If you are a male and you are abusing this product, you will notice that you will be on the receiving end of dramatically high blood pressure, infertility, shrunken testicles and the potential to develop some female like breasts. There are consequences as well for the ladies who are abusing this stuff, those consequences include a deeper male like voice, an enlarged clitoris and a disrupted menstrual cycle. One thing to keep in mind if you are a woman who is abusing these steroids, that thing is that unlike the men who may abuse this stuff, a lot of the effects that can happen to the women will be irreversible. If you are a man or a woman abusing this stuff or if you are a friend of somebody abusing this product, seek or get them the proper medical care right away.

Now that we took a hard look into what abusing this stuff can do to you, it is now time to move onto the potential side effects that you can experience with Andriol. All the side effects that can happen to you are pretty much the exact same things that can happen to you, but with one truly huge exception. That truly huge exception is that if you are using the product in the recommended way and not abusing it, the effects of these side effects will not be as common to you. However, the main usage of Andriol is to fight the low testosterone in one’s body when they are using other supplements on that quest to achieve the perfect body.

So, if you are not one of those people abusing it and you are using it for the purposes on regain some of that lost testosterone, or testosterone replacement therapy as it is commonly known, there are a few more things you need to know. If you are using Andriol as part of a testosterone replacement therapy program, there are a few different side effects that we must take a look at. Those testosterone replacement therapy side effects will include a low libido, fluid retention, possible priapism, erectile disfunction and other potential urinary issues. The majority of these side effects will affect both the men and the women who are using Andriol as part of a testosterone replacement therapy program, the lone difference is that priapism will affect the men only.

For those who do not know what priapism is, essentially it means that a male will experience terrible pain when they are in an erect state or during sexual intercourse. Besides priapism, the men and the women alike will share the remaining side effects of using Andriol as part of a testosterone replacement therapy program. Andriol can be an amazing product to use if you are using it correctly, so you will want to make sure that you or nobody else using the product is abusing it in any way, shape or form. Finally, if you are using Andriol for a part of a testosterone replacement therapy program, you will want to keep an eye out for those side effects because other than those, this steroid will be doing some wonders within your body.