Andriol Research

One of the most important things that anybody can do when they are considering the usage of steroids is to actually do some research on them, that is especially true when you are thinking about taking Andriol because even though it is one of the best steroids around, it also has some side effects to go with it as well. The first thing that you should know about taking this fine product is that it can generally be used in testosterone replacement therapy. That is because the product was originally designed for men who are dealing with male menopause that usually occurs late in a mans life span. Those who have suffered from male menopause will see a minimized or even absent libido, a lack of physical energy, decreased muscle mass and high body fat along with weakening bones.

Anadrol for SaleAll that stuff that was mentioned earlier is truly import when you consider using Andriol because Andriol has been known to give men who use the item a regression in low testosterone. Even though that is truly a positive when you really think about it, Andriol can also give off some bad side effects as well and it is time we take a look at what those bad side effects can be. Andriol has given the majority of those who have used it an increased sex drive, studies have proven that in some of those folks who used the steroid, their sex drive actually had decreased over time. Another negative effect to using Andriol is that your body tissue may see an increase in fluid retention. Andriol has also been linked to a condition known as priapism, which essentially means that a person can possibly experience a painful erection, whether that person is sexually active or not.

The final negative side effect we are going to be taking a look at here is that some users of andriol have reported pain when urinating, this is more common in male users than it is in the females who use this substance. Whether you experience one or even more of these potential side effects, please contact a medical professional right away to deal with the matter so that it does not turn into something that can considered much worse. Now that we have taken an extensive look into the potential side effects of using Andriol, let us now dive into some past clinical research that has been done on the supplement.

It has been suggested by other medical professionals that Andriol can be used as a motive for dealing with hypogonadism in males, but more recently it was used more like a male contraceptive. Andriol is a form of testosterone that has been proven to work well within males who have used it, women that have used the supplement have also experienced some awesome benefits as well. If you are a man and you are using this particular substance, once you begin to detox and get off the stuff, you will see a reduction within your sperm count. However, it is good to note that the sperm count within the males would return to normal in just about a weeks worth of time. An interesting thing to be noting next is that a group of Asian researchers actually mixed andriol with tree oil to inject it in an intramuscular way.

Those trials did show then when the male test subjects seen an increase of sperm count during the thirty days in which they were injected. However, things would change drastically when the test subjects where injected every twelve days instead of every day because during those injections, the sperm count totals would actually drop to low levels. The injections were then changed to every six days and the results did not get much better, in fact some of the men were without sperm after the tests were actually completed. One thing to keep in your mind though while reading all this is that the research is still be done on this magnificent product because there are many benefits to using this supplement and you should definitely use it because the research does not lie and that research shows that Andriol is going to benefit whomever uses it.